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February 4, 2011

Winter in the LBK

Serious cold front blew through the West Texas plains, paralyzing me, but invigorating Dixie.

Frozen Campus

Campus became a white deathtrap as classes were not cancelled despite single digit temperatures with ice everywhere. What's worse is not a crystal of salt was laid down to protect the ice-virgin Texans. I saw many spills and almost took a few myself.

Cold Hands

Just a close up of that fountain. I love the ice build-up.

Dixie Jumping for Joy

You probably read that Dixie just turned 4, but she was acting like a pup again when the first snow fell. It's kind of hard to tell, but she's jumping up in the air for no other reason that the sheer excitement of playing in the snow.

Let's Go!

Hey what are we waiting for? Let's get out of here and go to the park. Dixie was certain all her friends would be waiting a the park to experience the winter weather.

Epic Battle

Photo by Wells

Turns out there were a lot of doggies at the park considering the weather. This is Dixie's friend Holly. You'll just have to trust me that they are playing and not trying to rip each other's hearts out.

It's a nice day for a White Winter!

Photo by Wells

Come on guys, I know you all want to chase me some more.

Stark Park

The weather continued too long and the novelty wore off. Our second day at the dog park was lonely, but breathtaking. I love the big West Texas sky and I had never seen a rainbow made from blowing snow before.

Finally above 32

After 4 days of freezing our Texasses off, the weather started to warm a bit. This is another fountain that had frozen solid, but finally began to flow again.