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March 16, 2011

Spring Break Dancers

I broke some policies of mine here. One, try to keep the site mostly family friendly. Two, don't take pictures of people without their expressed consent (I hate paparazzi). Three, try to have some dignity as a photographer. So I kind of threw all of these out today. Spring Break just really isn't family friendly, but these photographs aren't too bad considering my current location. These girls were contestants in a dance contest and they did sign a waiver for image use, but I did not speak to them about it and I feel bad so I'm only posting the "tasteful" images. As for dignity, well that's on spring break too.

La Isla Bonita

We stayed at the Isla Grande Hotel in South Padre, which is the home of Coca Cola beach. You remember all those MTV Spring Break specials? They all happened at Coca Cola beach. The hotel is beautiful and well maintained with all the amenities you could want on a party excursion.

Dance Contest

Every day there are "dance" contests at Coca Cola beach. This girl was my fave today, but only upon review of the pictures. She had way more personality, and I really mean personality, not "personality", than the other contestants.


Many competed.

Parallel Booty

The whole, big screen projection in near real time to the crowd is so over the top, that I love it.

Hey Oh! Galileo (Got to let go)

The scale is so massive.


Girls try all kinds of Striptease (you know with Demi Moore) tactics to win the crowd.

Real Character

In the end, "personality" defeats personality.

The Winner

On this day, she was victorious.