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June 7, 2011

Quidditch Into Summer

As a companion to my post about the changes in college life since I was an undergraduate, I thought I should post some images and tell the story about Quidditch. Then I've got some random photos of people and things around Lubbock and Houston to start the summer.

Texas Tech Quidditch Team 2011

This is the Texas Tech Quidditch Team. Note that they can fly. Quidditch is kind of a silly game, but these guys take it seriously. The biggest disappointment of the day for me was that the light hearted game from a kid's story was played so competitively.

University of Texas Quidditch B-Team 2011

These guys take the game slightly less seriously. They are UT's second team.

Red Flag Days

And finally, this team from Hendrix is what a Quidditch team should really be. The girl second from the right played in a bicycle helmet and while they lost, I was secretly rooting for them all the time. I mean look, nobody on the team has cleats. Go back up and you'll see all the Tech players are wearing full spikes.

Quidditch Sportsmanship

This is a good example of a matchup ripe for injury. At the risk of sounding like my grandmother, they really shouldn't be running around with brooms. I about killed myself as a kid doing this. I remember rolling around on the sofa in agony for a couple days (we never went to the hospital or saw a doctor). And it's not just the brooms, of course, this guy is wearing his spikes and his opponent is wearing casual sneakers. I just don't think the game has found it's place yet. I hope they ditch the brooms, and make a no cleats rule. This should be a casual coed game.

Quidditch Poolside

Even though I thought the game was a little too serious and ridiculously dangerous in stupid ways, playing poolside is always a good idea.

Universith of Texas Quidditch Team 2011

These guys are the UT Varsity players. I believe they took home the trophy on this day (Tech got 3rd). I have loads of action shots of the game, but really that's all I want to say. It's a crazy game that needs to age a bit more.

Red Eared Slider

I started the summer by visiting my mom and sister in Houston. We went out bird watching, but I was more attracted to the water since Lubbock hadn't gotten a drop in 6 months. This turtle was rubbin' banks (all whacked on the scooby snax!). The water is so dirty; I like to think its all pollen from springtime.

Mom in the weeds

Mom came with us and collected native seeds for her garden.

Dana as a Monkey

One of the monkeys escaped from the zoo, oh no wait that's Dana. Maybe that's why we didn't see many birds. I realize that's a terrible joke, but it reminds of something my grandfather would have said about me.

Shakespeare in the Park Lubbock 2011

Anthony came to visit and we all walked (including Dixie) to the local park where Shakespeare in the Park was going on.

Pied-billed Grebe

You can see a lot from this picture. Dan and Anthony are in the lower left and just above them you see the vast distance between the designated front row and the actual front row. There was a void of about 20 feet where nobody sat. This made it particularly difficult to hear the performers so we just moved up and sat in front of everyone. Also of note, West Texas sunsets are AMAZING!

Ensemble Rehearsal

I've been taking cello lessons and playing in a trio. While Anthony was in town, we had him sit in on our weekly trio rehearsal. It was so much fun and if things go well, he might move to Lubbock and turn our trio into a quartet.

Ensemble Standing

Thought we would set up for a posed shot.