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September 19, 2010

Palo Duro Canyon

Anthony came to visit me in Lubbock and we made the day trip North to see the nation's second largest canyon.

Palo Duro Gates

The panhandle is flat. You won't find anywhere with less terrain than the high plains area North of Lubbock, which makes Palo Duro Canyon even more unreal. The deep fissure comes out of nowhere and if you don't notice the sign, you'll think there's nothing to see out there.

Down the Canyon

Once you're in the park, the canyon comes up quickly. This is a view from one end down the belly of the canyon. We didn't walk down into the canyon because it was almost a million degrees the day we were there. It started to feel like we were on Mars with the heat and the red rocks.

Caleb and Anthony Palo Duro

We drove down as far as we could and got out on the trails a little bit. We stopped here to set up the camera and take some photos, but it was so hot that Dixie just wanted to get back in the car. Eventually Anthony sided with Dixie and I was outvoted 2-1.

Quanah Parker

The visitor center has a stage for the nightly play in the summertime and as is typical in American monuments we put up a statue of the chief that surrendered and led his people to the reservation.


The hearth is all that remains of the old trading camp from the canyon.

Longhorn 1

Finally we stopped to watch the herd of longhorns licking salt and grazing.

Longhorn 2