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July 19, 2010

PG&E Trip to San Fran

I went to San Francisco this July for a work trip and I had at least one evening to myself before catching the redeye flight back to Texas.


After my meetings were over I walked around downtown San Fran looking for places to eat and stuff that was cool.

Hills of San Francisco

The first thing everyone notices about SF is that it's hilly. Makes for great views and cool scenery, but it takes some effort to climb up and down those hills on foot. Consequently, you will see no pictures from Chinatown. I didn't want to walk all the way up the hill so I just drove through. Also, I didn't want to run in to the Lords of Death.

Outdoor San Fran

Even though the weather was nice, there really weren't a lot of people out. In nearly all the public places, this was an expection, the homeless people drastically outnumbered everyone else. Perhaps San Francisco residents simply look homeless and sleep in parks?

Port of San Francisco

Since, as you know, I like the water. I walked (downhill) to the port area to see the mighty Pacific.

Sea Gull

Lots of these little fellas were hanging out.

Brown Pelicans

No oil here. These brown pelicans were flying high.

Sailing Treasure Island

This is a picture of Treasure Island with the Bay Bridge and a sailboat. I was certainly wishing I was out on the water with those sailors. The water was calm and air was warm. For a brief minute the sun even came out.

Treasure Island Container Ship

Not all the sea going traffic was picturesque. In a way it's nice to know they have the same issues in San Francisco Bay that we have in Galveston Bay. I saw more container ships than sailboats unfortunately.

Little Details

The thing about San Francisco is that it feels nice. The building are nice and the people are friendly. Outdoor art is everywhere, even in places where you might not notice it. Along the waterfront, there were many of these little plaques with poetry on them down by your feet.