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Lake Fork Ranch Trip

We're back from Colorado again. It's getting to be ridiculous how many Colorado trips I have on this site.


Sarah and I went to Colorado and rented a Prius. You can see the little guy in the lower right driving through the mountain roads.


We were up there so I could see an old friend.


We stayed at the Scott's Ranch, right at the base of Mt. Elbert. Here Saskia is walking in front of Elbert with little Lizzie before her second birthday.


The ranch is a working ranch. Here are some of the horses


We went looking for Fool's Gold and had to climb up this steep mound of old mine leavings. Henry and Nick scampered right up having already learned the lesson of skinned knees on this very hill.


We all were doing our thing, gathering pyrite. From the left: Sarah, Andrew (nice pink shirt), Henry, Saskia.


This trip was about family. Andrew and Will fishing together, for me, represents the true reason we go so far to be together. This was a nice day.


While the brother's Angled, Sarah and I took a hike, a loooong hike and almost had the national guard looking for us. Sarah thinks she looks goofy in that hat, but I like it so it's my fault. She bought a new cap on the trip which you can look for in future posts. I just kind of always look dorky, the binoculars don't help.


A small rainbow over the ranch at the end of our trip.