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Ike's Aftermath

Thanks to all the concerned friends and family that have been writing me about the storm. It was quite an event and it's still ongoing. Fortunately, all the people and animals that I know survived the storm and now have stories to tell.


In preparation for the storm, panic was the scene as everyone raced to buy plywood and scrambled to get it up over the windows. We did the same and I have to say it was comforting during the storm. Here you see the house partially boarded because we couldn't do all the windows.


After the storm, trees were down everywhere! This one is blocking the whole street.


One of the trees dropped a branch across the services to the house, knocking out cable, phone and internet all at once. Jasper of H-pack is expressing his opinion about this branch, on this branch.


With the tree knocking out the electric, there's not much to do.


I shouldn't complain however since that cars were OK, just splattered with debris.


Even now that people are back at work, the City Hall Annex is still boarded like a war zone. I don't have a window anyway, so it's not different to me, but I bet these window office people hate it.