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Holidays 2009 heading in to 2010

I am behind in posting photos (I'm posting this March 4, 2010), but I liked these and wanted to get them up even if they were out of date.


Jasper, Caleb, Sarah and Dixie (age appropriate order) went to Dallas for Christmas. This is Donna's Christmas tree and those are worms from santa underneath the tree. Yes, it's true, we got worms for Christmas. Dixie loves them.


On Christmas Eve we all went to Paula's house (Donna's BFF) for the annual Tom and Jerry Party. Someone was nice enough to take this picture for all of us as we crammed onto the sofa.


This is just me with the younguns.


The pups couldn't go to Paula's even though Jasper volunteered to clean up the buffet when people were finished eating. It was a nice offer, but we left the pups at home. Not to worry though, we came home and took pictures of them for all the faithful dog loving readers out there. Here you see my little Dixie wedged in between the couch, tree, and another piece of furniture that has a fancy name.


Jake is in his new Snuggie. He got a snuggie for Christmas to keep him warm because he's so thin.


Dana got a couple Beatles posters and Minnie wanted to go for a walk with John and Paul on Abbey Road.


Jasper really wishes he were a lap dog. What am I saying, Jasper is a lap dog! If you look closely you can see my head emerging from underneath Jasper.


We had a good time in Dallas and then headed for North Carolina.