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April 2013

Cousins Reunion 2013

I'm so far behind at processing my photos; it's just a joke at this point. I'll never get around to looking at a lot of the photos I've taken. I'd rather be looking at photos from my various road trips to cool places, but family trumps personal wishes and I had to look at this collection first. This collection comes from Lake Buchanan, Texas where we camped as a family. This reunion year was the smallest we've ever had, but it made it easy to connect with people one on one.

Dry Lake

Like many lakes in Texas, Lake Buchanan is dry. Not only is the floating pier sitting on the ground, but you can't even see water from the dock. The lake bed has started to grow vegetation and visitors to the park have blazed a trail through this new vegetation. I think the photo summarizes the long term drought conditions in Texas. At what point do we stop calling it "Lake" Buchanan?

Dead Fishy

No water means dead fishies. There are lots of skeletons all over the place in the dry lake bed, but this one was mostly complete. To me, this photo tells a story about climate shift in Central Texas.


The lack of water is not complete. A river still flows through the center of the lake bed, providing water to several birds species. The place is big and with the new-growth brush this ground-nesting Killdeer has found a relatively safe place to nest.

Song Sparrow

Two very similar birds were catching bugs and perching on stumps. Dixie was with me so I'm surprised they let me get this close. This is the Song Sparrow.

Savannah Sparrow

This one is the Savannah Sparrow. The yellow in front of the eye is the only difference that I could see. In fact, I was inclined to think these were male and female of the same species, but I looked it up; that doesn't mean I'm right, but this is my best guess at identifying these two birds.

Crested Cara Cara

I'd have followed this bird all day given the time, but instead I had to be happy with this flyby. The Crested Caracara is a very Southern bird and cool to see. (This is a composite image)

American White Pelican

It's not all plains-dwelling birds living in this dry lake bed; the American White Pelican was wiped out of Texas by DDT, but now they have bounced back to strong numbers. These Pelicans migrate over Lake Buchanan in the thousands and I was excited to photograph them.

Crossing the dry lake bed

After birding I went back to camp to check in and we all went to play in the "lake". Here, Jeff is crossing the "savannah" with an excited Dixie. You can see the river in the background.

Doggie Stand Off

Down in the lake bed, Dixie and The Best Dog In The World are having an old-fashioned standoff.

Checking In

Dixie had to check in with me to see if it was OK to run off. And It was!

Chase Is On

Oh the joy of the chase...