Crow's Links

Here are the places I like to go when I'm web surfing. If you know some cool sites that I need to check out, send me a line and let me know.

The Wine Bar where I tend bar, Host & Toast
First Unitarian Universalist of Lubbock
Glaveston's Artist Boat; I'm on the board, check it out.
Climate Change professor, consultant and author: Katharine Hayhoe
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Standard Renwable Energy
APPRISE - Energy Research
Performance Systems Development
Birdathon 2009 Teams
Tagos Group
Sailing Timeshare I joined. (Tell them I sent you)
The Best DJ on FM!
Track your Election Predictions
Genuine Buddy International
Casandra knows all and tells all.
Mastering Networking
My Ithaca Journal Column August 2008
The Clinton Foundation
Another article in the Ithaca Journal
My article in the Ithaca Journal
Martin Guitars
Dan's Latest Bike Trip Blog
Harley Davidson
Moto Guzzi (maybe for my next bike)
Sirius Satelite Radio
The Association of Surfing Professionals Site
Regina Obrien's web site
Beer Rating Site
Ithaca Real Estate Site
My Dream School
Dom Shakal's Blog (lots of football)
Real Estate and stuff
Best Bandolier Ever!
My Dream Boat
Alan Rose Music
Annapolis Sail Boat Show