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Project Tarot

October 29, 2013

Once upon a time (maybe four years ago), I got bored and wrote some scripting code. I was using the tarot tradition as the source for my inspiration, but all that ended quite badly. After three years of grad school I really couldn't afford to have a bunch of silly websites floating around anymore so this project got cancelled. I didn't want to lose the work I put in to the script and I find it kind of interesting so here is the core element of the site.

During that time of investigation into the supernatural, I became most interested in the Magician and the Hierophant. The Magician points his scepter to heaven and his finger to Earth. Around his waist, the ouroboros echoes the mobius loop above his head. I rather like the concept of the infinite intermediary between heaven and Earth juxtaposed against the very mortal religious figure of the Hierophant, who is the ruling power of the external religion. The Hierophant's triple crown and triple cross are overdone, compensatory expressions of his station. People bow before the Hierophant, but the Magician collects the cups, wands, swords, and pentacles that make up the rest of the deck. The whole deck goes on like this; it's deep stuff.