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Sustainable Lubbock

September 5, 2013

I've lived in Lubbock three years now and for most of that time I didn't know of any sustainability projects in town or at Texas Tech. Over the past summer however, I've learned of many great projects, some complete and some in progress. I've posted a couple of stories about local successes and failures, but I've done a terrible job contributing to the local movement. As I look towards the possible end of my time in Lubbock, I am filled with regret. Once I'm actually gone, I know I'll have that euphoric recall of the good times, but until then I am compelled to scramble to get some final things done before I leave.

LEED Plaque

Above is a picture from a LEED Platinum building (that's right I said Platinum, bitches!) that's been here in Lubbock right under my nose this whole time (since 2011). This plaque is from The Cardwell Welcome Center of Lubbock Christian University and the sign below is one of only two signs in the Welcome Center. It's a wonderful thing; I'm truly impressed with the work the administration and the engineers are doing on that campus. Score one more for Lubbock.

Green Bragging