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TTU Water Saving Mishaps

May 25, 2013

Water Saving Dual Function Handle

In keeping with last month's (it was actually 3 months ago!) theme, I dug up another sustainability blunder here at Texas Tech University. It's not fair to criticize when people are trying and I applaud the University for making positive changes, but I find the mistakes that are made hilarious. What you see above is a multi-function Handle for public toilets. It's actually an awesome water saver and I have the residential version installed at my house. The purchasing and planning department should pat themselves on the back for having made solid decisions, but if you look below, you will see that the staff who install the device really don't understand its purpose.

Urinal with Number 2 option In case you don't get it, I'll explain. Why would you put a number two option on a urinal!? Both directions should be for number 1 or the urinal should be flush free.

Toilet gets none
If you don't agree and you think maybe, oh they were just replacing them all, then have a look at the handle of the toilet in the same bathroom with that urinal: no dual-action handle. OK maybe the previous flush setting on the urinal was always number 2 equivalent. If that were the case, no matter what users do, this will save water. Or maybe you figure the toilet never gets used for number 1, but that's not the case since between classes everyone goes at the same time; these toilets work on a feast or famine schedule. Worst of all, you don't want anybody taking a number 2 in the urinal even though the directions clearly say you may.