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TTU Recycling Success

February 18, 2013


Following up on my Hate You, Hate Me column, I found a quote from MLK on the Texas Tech campus. It might be hard to read in the low rez photo, but basically it's a call to action. I need to stop remaining silent about the important things and without judging or being preachy, I should be spreading the word. So here goes...

TTU Recycling Station

I met with the sustainability staff at Texas Tech last week and it was a great meeting. I think there's lots of improvement happening here at Tech and I hope to be a large part of continued improvement projects. Now if you've ever talked to me about sustainability, you probably know that I don't consider recycling sustainability at all, but this is progress that needed to happen and it's a great success story. 5 years ago, there was no recycling on campus and now we take Plastic 1-7, cardboard, tin, aluminum, basically everything except glass. In addition to the large single stream bins pictured above, there are point of use collection bins of all types in all buildings. I don't know the percent of reclamation, I'm sure it's low, but the total take by weight is growing at 1000% per year right now. To put it in perspective, it's more convenient to recycle on campus than in the city of Lubbock. The city does not have curbside at all and even if you go to the center, they only take plastic 1 and 2, plus the other stuff, so you gain a way to recycle glass, but lose plastics 3-7. Tech is also competing in Recycle Mania for the first time this year.