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October 21, 2010

New Governor for Texas

Bill White for Texas

Normally I would be voting Green or Independent, but since I was sent to Houston to work in City Hall while Bill White was Mayor, I gained a great respect for him. Tonight he spoke in Lubbock in front of a crowd of several hundred just before the heavens broke open and poured down rain. I was lucky to reach my car before the rain.

Bill White will be good for jobs in Texas, reduce corruption in Austin, increase Texan independence through renewable energy not secession, and reform education. Perry wisely refused to debate White so that this election had no, zero, public debates. Perry knew he would lose a debate with White and refused to show up, but I can't remember such a major election happening without debate. People will be forced to vote along party lines or based on commercials, which is unfortunate since I think debates should be mandatory. How do you just refuse a debate? Even Perry knows that White is the better candidate.

Visit BillWhiteForTexas.com and then go vote for him.