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January 5, 2010

Another Year

Testing a new environment again. Today I'm working with KompoZer just to see how I like it. FTPing seems to be the biggest problem and the text editor is weak. I apologize for not having a picture up, I don't have a photo editor yet.

Additionally, I have some New Year's thoughts/goals for the year. They are simple so I'll just list them here.

  1. Play golf 12 times
  2. Take an international trip (Mexico counts, Canada does not, we'll probably go to Canada this year too)
  3. Don't voice the negative
  4. Minimize!

There aren't that many important items on this list, but I know that 2010 is perhaps the most important year I have faced in years. This will be a year of building and gain.



Added note 1/28/10: The other environment was crap, as you might have noticed if you went to my site over the last couple weeks. I couldn't get the auto-editor to leave my formatting alone and it was causing all sorts of problems. This is another testimonial for Dreamweaver, the code view does not add junk to your code. I hate junk in my code.

I'm ordering Dreamweaver for Mac, but I have to save up so for now I've switched to the old (PC) environment and fixed all the pages that my test scrambled.