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July 24, 2009

Macro Songonomics

Macro Songonomics

The new album, Macro Songonomics, is now out in "limited edition. We are now accepting callers for these pendant key chains. It is useless to resist. To resist it, is useless."

Some are going out by hand, precious few by mail. The details are all below, read it and weep Meghan McCain, you can't make a playlist like this! But please do keep making playlists...inferior as they may be to mine.

Macro is a team (Mason + Crow = Macro) and everything was done as a team except song selection which was mostly done by me throughout the year. Sarah got in to the process once the album started to materialize with prototypes and image concepts and was a great collaborator and partner from there. All pictures were taken at Masonwood studios on my trusty Sony digital camera. Dixie and Jasper appear courtesy of H-pack and their likenesses may not be used for any purposes that do not further the needs of dogs unless specifically authorized on a case by case basis.

I hope you enjoy the album and the near misses. You may hear that Wayne Hancock song on future albums; I wanted to stay up-beat this year since last year's album was kind of a drag.

Song Artist Length Album Year
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1 The Flaming Lips 4:46 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 2002
Intro 2009 Caleb
Handlebars Flobots 3:27 Fight with Tools 2007
Lucid Dreams (album version) Franz Ferdinand 7:55 Tonight: Franz Ferdinand 2009
Buildings & Mountians The Republic Tigers 4:49 2008
Human The Killers 4:06 Day & Age 2008
Black River Killer Blitzen Trapper 3:28 Furr 2008
Concert Break Caleb and Sarah
Hair of the Dog Shooter Jennings 4:01 Electric Rodeo 2006
Nobodys fault but mine Abigail Washburn 2:37 Song of the traveling daughter 2005
War Pigs CAKE 3:54 B-sides and Rarities 2007
Dad Break Caleb
Honky Tonk Heroes Waylon Jennings 3:36 Honky Tonk Heroes 1973
Windfall Son Volt 2:59
Guitar Town Steve Earle 02:35 Guitar Town 1986
Indianapolis Bottle Rockets 03:32 24 Hours a Day 1997
Vinyl Records Todd Snider 2:30 New Connection 2002
Self Destructive Zones Drive-By Truckers 4:12 Brighter Than Creations Dark 2008
Closing Caleb Crow
A Sailboat in the Moonlight Eillie Holliday 2:55 The Great Lady Day
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1 (Live) The Flaming Lips 4:46 Future Soundtrack for America 2004
Near Misses        
Sloop John B The Beach Boys 2:57 Greatest Hits 1966
Flaming Telepaths Blue Oyster Cult 5:19 Secret Treaties 1974
Nobodys fault but mine Led Zeppelin 6:14 Presence 1976
Many Shades of Black Racontuers 4:25 Consolers of the Lonely 2008
My Doorbell White Stripes 4:02 Get Behind Me Satan 2005
It's Nobody's Fault but Mine Blind Willie Johnson 3:09 The Complete Blind Willie Johnson
1952 Vincent Black Lightning Richard Thompson 4:44 Rumor & Sigh 1991
Siobhan The Tossers 2:13
Signs Bloc Party 4:40 Intimacy 2008
Great DJ or That's Not My Name Ting Tings We started Nothing 2008
Sour Cherry The Kills 3:07 Midnight Boom 2008
Thunderstorms and Neon Signs Wayne Hancock
It's a hit Rilo Kiley 4:29 More Adventurous 2004