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March 16, 2009

Cover Your Monkey! Revisited

Cover Your Monkey!

For those that don't know, Cover Your Monkey! was the album I created back in 2003 about the time I was hitting the road, car-touring the United States. I didn't own anything at all during this time and the production process was very difficult and very limited so I thought I should re-issue the album digitally now.

You can request copies of the album via email or make your own from the information presented here.

My concept for Cover Your Monkey! was to show how all songs come around again in different formats and to show that great song-writers are also great song borrowers. At the time, on my website I published an accompanying paper classifying all the various types of covers. In my memory, this document was an excellent well-thought out dissertation worthy of a PhD, but in reality it may have been only a napkin doodle. If anyone has a copy of that column, I would be willing to purchase it at great personal expense.

As I was saying, Cover Your Monkey! was a study of the cover song, showing how some artists do covers and then write something which in turn gets covered. You can see that the album is Jimi Hendrix heavy, showing what I was in to during that period. The idea was to have one CD of originals and a second CD of covers. All the covers are, in my opinion, better than the originals. No song made it on the album without being an improvement upon the original or at least a drastically different take on the original (such as with the Cure, who could improve on Purple Haze?).

Here is the song list. Enjoy.

Song Title Composer Original Release Cover Cover 2
All Along The Watchtower Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Jimi Hendrix Dave Matthews
I shot the Sheriff Bob Marley Bob Marley Eric Clapton
Boyz in the Hood Easy-E, Ice Cube NWA Dynamite Hack
Gin and Juice Dr. Dre and David Ruffin Jr. Snoop Dogg Gourds
Hey Joe Billy Roberts Billy Roberts Jimi Hendrix
I will Survive Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris Gloria Gaynor Cake
Atomic Dog George Clinton George Clinton Snoop Dogg
Knockin on Heaven's Door Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Eric Clapton Guns and Roses  
Sgt Peppers Lennon/McCartney Beatles Jimi Hendrix
Twist and Shout Phil Medley and Bert Russell Isley Brothers Beatles
Little Wing Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Stevie Ray Vaughn
Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Cure
Love Song Cure Cure 311
Wild Horses Glimmer Twins (Jagger/Richards) Rolling Stones Sundays
New Additions from 2009        
...Baby One more time Max Martin Britney Spears Travis
Misirilou Dick Dale Dick Dale Black Eyed Peas