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September 22, 2008

Surviving Ike

Outside, trees are snapping like popcorn and the winds are howling like jet engines. Inside, the power is out and we are all hunkered down in the darkness. That was the scene two Saturdays ago when Hurricane Ike tore through Houston. Really things weren't all that bad; I mean compared to the apocalypse or something, we were all quite safe and comfortable.

Dixie and I paired up with some bunker-hunker buddies that we call H-pack and had plenty of food and water to survive the initial wave of power outages and chaos. Beyond the first few days, we decided to get out of town, evacuate, and check out Dallas while the Houston people managed to pull things together a bit. It was nice seeing family and getting to shower and live in AC again; the dogs were very pleased. Some day I'll get around to posting the dog frolic that occurred while we were in Dallas, but right now I'm focusing on Ike. Check out the photos page for Ike related images.

On the whole we're all OK, no need for worry. Many of us don't have power, which means we're on our last nerve and probably not sleeping well, but we'll survive. Thanks for all the help and concern.

I feel bad that the first online image of Dixie's fab new haircut has to come like this, but here she is looking good while feeling afraid.