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February 9, 2008

What's Hanging on Crow's Walls?

I live far away, as you probably already know, and I thought this month I would let everyone see a little bit of what hangs up in my house. This took me way too long. I hope you appreciate the work, or at least feel sorry for me. I apologize for the quality of the photos, but I needed to use the flash so they are all taken at an angle.

I've organized by room for your convenience.

    Living Room     Kitchen     Office     Bedroom     Guest Bedroom

     Living Room

My great-grandmother painted this. It's the center piece of the house.

I made this for my grandmother in her last years.

This is one of my Audubons. I've got about 30 more, but only two more are framed. They are from the 20s maybe?

Great Blue Herons by a local artist.

Night Herons print from the 30s.

I've had these Blue Chicago prints for a while; they hang by the piano.


My mom made this for me.

I've had this for 30 years or so, I think my mom made this too.


There's nothing but book shelves in my office really, nothing but my diploma and my great aunt Virgie's carriage.


The Bedroom is where I've put all my comic book related stuff. Everything in the room is signed except for my Art Adams Mutants poster, which was really just an afterthought, but he is my favorite comic artist. Not pictured here are 1) the dreamcatcher that Helena made me back in the day. I've had it hanging everywhere I've ever lived. 2) The tiger eating/playing with the mouse that I have also had hanging in every place I've ever lived. I bought it at the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson. 3) The Starnes (oops that's a maiden name, not sure if she changed it!) photo titled, Only the Lonely. Is that my favorite piece? I don't know, these three were really personal so I left them for future projects.

Three signed Nightlandings. Not well framed, but that's a trend for most of my comic art.

Dana drew this when she was 11. I really like it.

Paul gave me these next two by an up and coming artist.

Art Adams draws good.

     Guest Bedroom

The Guest Bedroom is where is where the TV is and lately where I spend most of my time. In fact, this is where I'm making these edits from.

The artist here is a friend of the family. I'm honored to have his work on my wall and I tried to frame it exactly like his work was framed on Scottsdale. Also, this is round rock in the 1970s (the year of my birth actually), and Round Rock saw such dramatic change in the following decades that is really stands out as an example of the suburbanization of America. One of my soap boxes.

I also keep my star wars collection and orignal edition Rolling Stone magazine in this room.

Jenny Pope is the artist for the next two. I've been meaning to feature her work more seriously.