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April 20, 2006.

Going to Dallas

It is a dark time for the Crow family. Although Anna got the Dallas internship, we still have not managed to close on the Ithaca house. This means we are in the awful state of planning to move to Dallas without knowing where we will be in Ithaca after the summer.

Dallas is a difficult issue as well. Of course I'm concerned about having my family meet Anna, but I think this is as good a time as I'm ever going to get. She's doing well in her career and we have a justifiable excuse for a long stay that we may never have again. Unfortunately, the Gwen situation has not progressed the way I wanted it to, and Uncle Rob is presenting a case for us not to live at Scottsdale. That leaves us either rooming with my Mom for the summer, renting from Jerry, or getting our own apartment short term. We are trying to save cash, but if we are paying off a mortgage and renting at the same time, we're kind of screwed.

On top of that, my job is stressing over me going remote. I don't know what sort of compensation I'll be getting in Dallas and that may cut my visit real short. There is a scenario where Anna is rooming with my mother and sister while I am here in Ithaca. What a nightmare for Anna.

Another nightmare is the scenario where we don't get the house and have to place our belongings in storage or move them all to Dallas. If we end up moving them all to Dallas, I will attempt to purchase the Scottsdale house and live there for a long while. I think I could reap great profits by beautifying and repairing the old place. It'll take some capital to do the job, but I think we can salvage that money from salary, low rent and frugal living. Admittedly there is a certain level of excitement associated with this plan and that makes me not quite as heart broken about not getting the house. I don't know what will become of Gwen in that scenario.

Of course, I still hope we get the Ithaca house. There is a sign in the lawn saying SOLD, but the latest news from the lender is that we are on very shaky ground. A regular bank would give me the loan in a heartbeat, but wouldn't pay closing costs. That's $7000 in the bank for us that we're not willing to pony up.

It's all very difficult and disturbing. I love my job, hate the cold, want to own and not rent, I'm content and satisfied with Anna, but we would both rather be surfing every weekend.

Weigh in on what you think I should do. You know how to contact me.