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January 22, 2011


Media unification over the entire nation gave the country a common viewpoint back in the 20s and immediately the unified voice was leveraged by oil and railroad barrens looking to garner public opinion. In countries all over the world, including ours, unbalanced media outlets furthered political goals and greed. In the modern era, television has made the process faster and shinier. The lies have gotten bigger, and so has the audience. We’re to the point now where simple words often take on new connotations from the faux news talking points on maximum rotation.

Many of these words end up applying to me and quite often I end up needing to defend myself. Honestly, it starts to feel like elementary school where words have little inherent meaning, but you know you don’t want them applying to you. Words like “do-do-head,” and by junior high, “gay.” Sure “gay” has meaning, but most of the time the accuser really means “lame” or something like that. It’s stupid, and it doesn’t even have to work in context.

My word for today is “activism.” At some point the faux news decided activism was a negative practiced by terrorists. Somehow activist judges are destroying the country and environmental activists endanger decent honest Americans trying to earn an honest buck. I was certainly labeled an activist when I went to the dinner for the Roe v Wade lawyer, Sarah Weddington.

Having dinner isn’t really activism. Making donations isn’t really activism. Activism technically is “direct, vigorous action” (Webster’s), and it can go on either side of a controversial issue. Generally activism is good. People should get active; move off the couch and stand up for what you believe in. Make the world a better place. Activism can cross the line, of course, like throwing blood on a model wearing fur or blowing up an abortion clinic, but generally there’s no reason to demonize activists.

For instance, today on campus a group of students got together to put 3,300 little crosses on memorial circle in honor of all the abortions performed in the United States in a single year. This is most definitely activism, and even though I don’t agree with the cause, I approve of their methods, but I imagine the students involved would deny being “activists”. Those are just radical lefty commies.

Here is a photo of the activists in front of my building:
Abortion Activists

More Songs of 2010

I feel I have been remiss in not mentioning some other songs of the year for 2010. Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons certainly sums up my year pretty well and it's been on maximum rotation forever now.

Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons
     Wasted on fixing all the problems
     That you made in your own head

     It was not your fault but mine
     But it was your heart on the line
     I really fucked it up this time
     Didn't I, my dear?