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September 2, 2008

Moral Hypocrisy / Palin Baby

Iím all worked up again over the political news. I find it hard to believe that McCain would have picked Palin had he known her 17 year old unwed daughter was pregnant, and I find it hard to believe that Palin would not have told McCain about her daughter when asked to be the VP. The only way to reconcile these thoughts for me is to assume that Palin did not know of her daughterís pregnancy (possibly second pregnancy).

The McCain advisors are publicly claiming that they knew about the pregnancy beforehand, but I think this is unlikely. Now they are in damage control mode. Fortunately for the Republicans, Obama is unwilling to go for the throat based on family values because I think there is a case to be made here for Palinís failure as a mother, teacher and leader to her family. I believe that the Palin house is a permissive, hypocritical place of shallow values exclaimed loudly, but with little effort put in to actually living the value system. The husbandís alcohol problem fits right in with this description and it all makes sense.

What I find most disgusting is the response from the religious right. All of the commentators are coming forward with statements like ďWe are all sinnersĒ or ďChristianity is the faith of forgiveness,Ē both of which are true, but what disgusts me is the duplicitous nature of the response for political reasons.

We look to these people for moral guidance and expect an honest reaction to an event, not spin. If our moral leaders are framing their responses based on political affiliation instead of faith or morality, then they are not religious leaders; they are charlatans trying to manipulate us.

This event has given us a blatant look at the true ethics involved with many of our so-called religious leaders and newscasters. It should be a simple matter to analyze the comments of the pundits you trust to see if they are guiding you with ethics or if they will say anything to spin any situation in the direction of their ulterior motives.

Personally I have no problem with Palinís teenage unwed daughter having had sex that eventually resulted in pregnancy. No laws were broken as far as I can tell because Alaska basically has a 3 year law. You can have sex with anyone over 13 so long as you are within 3 years of their age. Itís not that simple, of course, but I read the law and I donít think any laws were broken.

I donít have a problem with it because for me itís not a moral issue, but I believe it should be a moral issue for people who publicly proclaim that these things are sins. I think it should be a moral issue for a party that has a platform of abstinence. I think it should be an issue for a campaign that is targeting the religious people of our country.

Mostly I think itís a shame that values mean so little in America today. The public is willing to tolerate an ethical double standard based on party affiliation. Values, morality and ethics should apply equally to all situations. I guarantee that if Palin had been a democrat, she would not have been greeted with forgiveness and understanding.