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October 19, 2005

It's almost the holiday season. Pumpkins are out and leaves are falling.

In the last month and a half I've expanded my geek factor quite a bit. Not much progress in my life's work except what I get paid for, but still I've been having a good time. With my Tuesdays dedicated to watching season 4 smallville, Wednesdays spent getting the newly released comics, and the weekends spent at cons and painting minis, I certainly have gotten to know a lot of new people within the sub-culture here in Ithaca.

Strangely, I'm just responding to some kind of inner needs. Painting minis and playing video games has made me want to table-top game like crazy and I've spent some bit of time reading up on the new systems and trying to get in a game. So far no success, but I've had some hard bites on the line. I expect to be in a regular game throughout the long winter.

You should notice that I've spent some time crafting the movie review section of my site. I hope that my particular customizations will be of some special benefit to my loyal fans. I also recommend movie reviews for darker, more perceptive and structured reviews. As of the writing of this document, the reviews weren't up, but the inside scoop is that they soon will be.

Stay tuned for some pictures of my painted minis! I'll be bringing that content online in the next couple weeks.

Still don't have a name for my car. Perhaps I'll review the entries and see what I think this month.

Happy Halloween!