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March 19, 2008

American Dreadnought?

"I'm all here, but not all there." - Cowboy Jack

Since my last entry I've really been tossed about on some rough surf. Work is building up in stress and workload which is normal for the spring thaw and welcome in a way. I think we're really accomplishing great things and getting noticed.

I got a column published in the local paper so I'm famous again. If only Pawpaw could see me now.

My cousin Anthony came up here for Spring Break and we did a lightning road trip to Iowa City, going through 6 states along the way with Dixie in the backseat constantly trying to climb in someone's lap and getting her feelings hurt when we wouldn't let her. Anthony finally broke down to those puppy-dog eyes and let her sleep in his lap for a bit; it was really sweet, you know, a big tough Texan guy cradling this little fur ball. Chicks would swoon.

We also got to jam a little bit in my music studio, with him showing me some bass licks on the upright and me playing piano and guitar. If we had 6 weeks in the same city I'm sure we'd have something recorded.

Somewhere in the last month I wound up in Allentown, PA and I apologize for all the Allentown residents that are forced to live there. It's really not a pretty place and I don't recommend anyone move there, however a couple things did stand out.

Martin Guitars is located there, which is mega cool and worth the trip, so plan on doing a factory tour and picking up a dreadnought, but then get the heck out. I also toured the art museum, part of my self-development plan (remember Crow-X?), and it was mediocre at best, but it did have a reproduction of Wright's library from the Little House. They attempted to be true to even the wall hangings which I was surprised to see were all Japanese woodcuts of feudal Japan, just like I would have hanging in my library. It was cool, but not worth a special trip. I took some photos and hope to get that up in the photos section later in March.

Today we passed the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq so once again I'm bummed and I know that when I do my taxes next month, I'll be even more bent out of shape. How can we sustain a war this expensive? How can America sit back and watch as our leaders steer the ship into the rocks? Without getting too in to this, I would just ask people that think the war is a good thing (if there are any left), to look at some of the world news reports about conditions in Iraq. From what I have seen, there has been recent success with the new troop surge, but in terms of the situation for the Iraqi people, conditions are worse today than two years ago with raw sewage in the streets and electricity running for a couple hours a day, hardly any potable water. It's terrible.

Here I sit alone in my house (Dixie is out with her friends) with heat, water, internet, cable, sewer, electricity, my music studio and computer banks living high on the hog while people suffer all over the place. Am I the only guilty American? I applaud the Washington DC protesters from today and I truly hope we see a local regime change next year.