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January 20, 2008

Set Sail in '08

It is customary to look back at accomplishments and disappointments at year's end, and this has been the the custom for my column as well. Only this year, the last few columns have been about disappointments and I hate to ring in the new year with a glass half empty. Instead of reviewing recent activity I'm going to start with the post from January 2006.

That year I asked, “Was this year better than the last?” Everything was looking up back in 2006 and 2005 was a good year, but 2007 was not so good. Not at all, but 2008 is looking up. I think my career has really gelled and I see where my specific skillsets make a difference. I don't know if it will be enough, but I am making a difference. On a personal level, my isolation has become more and more pronounced. The Ithaca-3 is now only me, and my grandmother and grandfather are gone as well. My isolation is deeper than ever and the solution is not apparent. My friends have all gotten husbands and wives and children. Very few remain in this stage of life; I'm not literally the last maverick, but close too it.

Two years ago, I was concerned about buying the house. Check. Did that, now I'm ready to sell it. I was also concerned about gaining weight and thankfully that trend stopped. Dixie has mostly seen to that, with all her walking. I walk about 6 miles a day and usually jog with her quite a bit as well. I'm not running 3 miles a day like I did in college or anything, but I'm getting back to it, and it's fun because Dixie is there.

In 2007 I wrote up the CrowX and have been tracking my progress by that scale throughout the year, but I thought it was becoming tiresome and decided to vary my home page posts. I think the newly formatted home page is a large improvement, but the CrowX needs to be mentioned now and then. If you're keeping score at home, I've moved the sailing education to the skills section in place of birding and replaced Crownin panels with photography. That's really all that's changed as far as my goals are concerned over the past year. I'm still headed in the same direction with community, career, music, language, dating and my path to zero energy. Now I'm four years from zero energy.

2008 should bring my company great success and hopefully profit, while my mind is on far away places and making the boat plan a reality. I hope to spend this year learning how to sail and gearing up for techno-transiency. I'd like to buy a gun and get a new passport. I guess I don't really have a lot of short term goals; I'm thinking of 2008 as a year of transition and building.

Tell me of your plans for 2008.