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November 20, 2006

My last column was about the motorcycle course and how fun it was so just to update: I've purchased a 1999 Harley Davidson 1200cc Sportster. A truly wonderful motorbike with power and style. Unfortunately, the weather is bad here and I'm really busy so the only time I have ridden it was in the rain and cold. I've been tinkering around with stuff and generally having fun, but no real rides yet. It may have to wait until the spring.

Time has been flying these last six weeks. The housewarming party was a huge success with loads of people and wine bottles. We had a Texas themed party with boots and belt buckles and when I find time I'll post some images (i.e. never). We had awesome live music provided by a friend of mine named A.J. on piano and later by Sam on the violin. Anna didn't really survive the evening, but she recovered all day Sunday. I was in a bad way as well, but only slightly. So far we know of at least one couple that met at our party; I imagine there are people that came by that I never even saw since it got pretty crowded for a while. We had several semi-famous musicians and published authors, at least one comic book writer and a supermodel. Well, ok she's super and a model; She posed for magic cards so she's a supermodel in the geek crowd.

Thanksgiving is coming up, which is my favorite time of the year in a way. It's not a marketed holiday so I don't get all worked up about conspicuous consumption. I just eat organic foods, relax, and watch Star Wars, the Holy Trilogy. It's a nice chance to catch up on all my Yoda quotes and take it easy for a while.

I still get down about my granny. Sometimes I can hear her thoughts in my head. I know what she would say and how she would say it. I worry that over time my memories will fade and I will lose touch with her guidance, but at the same time it's not something you can write down and reference whenever you feel like it. The persona is there in a state of incompleteness now and I wonder about the depth of understanding of the person that everyone else carries around. I also wonder if I'm losing it. Christmas will be telling this year.

Gwen is living in the house all by her self destroying those memories or at least contaminating them. She's also watching my ailing grandfather's dog so the house has extra occupants, but these occupants don't clean up after themselves and neither does Gwen.

Work is going well; I'm starting a company with much help and partnership from many of the old and new crew. Things are going well for us here in Ithaca. I know all the fans of this column are waiting for something terrible to happen so the column will get interesting again, but this just isn't the month for it.