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July 15, 2005

A Column is (re)born

The first column (internet nubies call these blogs) on my web site is long overdue. My marketing efforts have been limited this time around since all the old CrowCam fans remember the crash-and-burn demise of my last website.

It's back to Texas for the Ithaca-3 real soon, and the theme of all these blogs is going to be music centric. For this particular entry I've been inspired by a great Austin band called the Gourds. This song, off 'Gogityourshoeshinebox' (Commonly called Shinebox) is called 'Maria' and the lyrics go like this here:

The Federales they were a'coming
she had made arrangements with a vendor
the stupid gringo - he got away
Now if I had a $100's
and maracas in my hand
I'd shake them for Maria
I'd pressure her old man
to let me take her back to Texas
In the white pickup truck
where she had done a dozen favors
to get me out of dutch

Now I don't know about any favors, but I do love the concept of driving back to Texas in that White Pickup Truck, a man and a woman. You know she's sitting in the middle seat and the windows are down while the countryside rolls by. If I had Maracas in my hand, I guess I'd put them down, especially if the Federales were a'coming. It's hard enough talking my way out of tickets without those things.

I hope you guys will check back periodically. I'm sort devoted to the development of this site again since I work on a computer all the time and not only do I need to hone my skills, but I need a reprieve now and then from the same old. The way things are going it seems like my Ramblin' shoes are hanging up and I'm not going anywhere. "Even old George Jones is lovin' Jessie more these days..." A couple bonus references in there, if you get them, you must be some kind of outlaw.

Til the middle of August, take 'er easy...Crow